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Thoughts on Pandemonium

I loved the book. Can’t wait for the third installment in this trilogy. 

Actually in truth, before I even read it, I didn’t want to read it anymore, because I really believed that Alex was dead. Then, thanks to the internet and spoiler friends, I learned that Lena would fall in love with someone who ISN’T ALEX. 

But because I really wanted to know what happens to Lena’s life after Alex, I still read it, though I know that Alex won’t be there anymore.

1.First of all, I was a little confused with the ‘then’ and ‘now’. I think it would be just less confusing if it was ordered like Delirium, by chapters. 

2.Secondly, a lot of dead people. Huhu. 
I didn’t know the purpose of Miyako’s death in the plot, though. 

3.I was sad during the end, when Lena found out that the woman who kept saying her name, the one that took her to the invalids’ warehouse,the one who didn’t want to take her mask off, was actually her mom.

Like, she was already that close to her mom, and she never found out that it was really her, just when her mom’s already left.

4. THE PLAN OF RAVEN AND TACK (I WON’T SAY IT, SINCE IT’S A MAJOR SPOILER) CONFUSES ME. Can anyone who have read that part, and understood it, explain it to me? :((

I don’t understand why they have to do that. When I read that part, and I found out that raven and tack did those horrible things, I felt so mad. Traitors.

5. Raven and Tack… Are they together? I think that would be cute since they always fight then they’ll fall in love with each other. Just like Benedick and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing.

6. Lauren Oliver likes putting a lot of METAPHORS into Lena’s thoughts. It’s too much but its wonderful a the same time. 

7. Where is Julian Fineman’s mom?

8. Did Hana get cured? Or did she fled and changed her mind at the last minute? Cause it’s kinda depressing if she does get cured.

9. One of the major questions in my mind right now:

WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT IN THEIR SOCIETY WANT TO RID THE COUNTRY OF LOVE? Asides from the wars and whatever. Are they doing it for money or what? Is the cure (for ridding us of hate, and whatever bad action love instigates us to do) false propaganda? And last but not the least, is the cure more than ridding us of love, and it’s actually installed in the brain to control all of the minds of the people?

10. I have a confession to make.

I think I love Julian Fineman, too. Since he looks like a rich Peeta Mellark (I love him. Seriously). 

I guess Lena and Julian are compatible with each other, since they learned how to love in their own ways even if they weren’t born in the Wilds, like Alex. 

I sense that Lena and Julian would end up together, in the third book. In my opinion, the reason why Oliver made Lena meet and love Alex, in the first place, so that she would fall in love.

Can’t wait for the second installment in the Delirium trilogy: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

The front cover for Lauren Oliver’s Pandemonium


I totally want to buy this book RIGHT NOW! But since I’m busy with a lot of school related stuff these days, I guess I have to wait until Christmas Vacation.

I just really want to know about: (1) What happens to Lena in the Wilds,

(2) What happens to Lena’s lovelife?,

(3) Would she still love Alex?,

(4) WHAT HAPPENS TO ALEX? WHAT?! LAUREN OLIVER WOULD JUST KILL A MAJOR CHARACTER (not to mention, THE LOVE INTEREST) JUST SO SUDDENLY? hmm..seems suspicious. I have a feeling that Alex is still alive. Partly because it’s kinda obvious and because I love him and I don’t want him to die just like that. Anyways, if he does live and gets to reunite with Lena, I hope that he hasn’t changed or whatever.

P.S. I think I would try and research some excerpts and reviews of the book. Ugh. I hate being spoiled. I really do. But since I’m really desperate..

If I discover some major spoilers, I’ll post right away and rant about it some other time.

Donors and Renters

Starters by Lissa Price, A Review

Lissa Price's debut novel

Hi! I am Jennifer, the friend of the owner and creator of this blog. I am happy to be here and to have the opportunity to share what I have thought about it.

This is a review about STARTERS. I encourage you to read this dystopian, action- packed filled novel that will make you feel thrilled. So, let us begin!


What if your body was rented? What if there was a malfunction in the neurochip that was placed in your brain , for you to switch with rich old people that want your body? What if there were more secrets behind… everything you thought was right ? These ‘what if’ questions will make you want to read the book Starters.

It’s all about a Starter, which is 19 years old  and below, Callie Woodland. A girl who lost her parents in the Spore Wars. A girl who lost everything. A girl who sacrificed everything for her sickly brother. by going to the body bank, to earn money for Tyler’s medicine and a new home with Tyler and Michael, the friend of Callie she met after the Spore Wars. She went to the Prime Destinations, wherein the body bank, a machine which changes the Enders( 60 y/o above) to Starters by putting neurochips to their brains, is placed and it is owned and handled by the Old Man. Her donor, Helena Winterhill, an Ender. But there were more secrets that Callie have ever imagined behind the Prime Destinations.



So let me start the past, before Prime was built and made, the time when everything is better than okay… but to worse. “Why was there a war called Spore Wars? Why didn’t they vaccinated everyone before the war? Why didn’t they vaccinated the people between the ages of 20- 60?”, these were the questions that kept bothering my mind while reading the book. Lissa Price only mentioned a few things about the Spore Wars.

One more question:

‘Is the Old Man Callie’s dad?… because he had  disappeared before the war and the Old Man wears a mask all the time.”


I was so touched by Sara’s sacrifice for Callie by distracting the guards so they couldn’t see Callie escaping the  the institution, wherein the people who committed crimes are imprisoned there. Even though she was mad  at Callie for punching her, she still makes a sacrifice. She even forgave Callie.

I was shocked when Helena was killed and had died. I knew this part of the story even before I read the books, thanks to my friend. I wish that Senator Harisson would have died because he was fake: GIVING SPEECHES AND BEING ‘HONEST’. I would see those characteristics from our government. Sen. Harisson is one big liar.

Just one question:  ” Why did made the Prime Destinations be accepted in the use of the government?”


The Prime Destinations is an illegal place, wherein the Enders switch bodies with the Starters to be young again. This use was just for enjoyment to the Enders.

The time when Callie was looking for Tyler  in a room, she was so mad at the Enders saying that the Enders are selfish: for not vaccinating the people between the ages of 20- 60 and using bodies of the Starters. 

Well, she is right.


Is it hard for me to pick one guy? Well, YES! 

This book would make you wonder why it is so hard. Would you want a blond- haired guy that will make you mesmerized by his talent or a rich guy with brown hair and has dimples that has the ‘bad guy’ attitude? 

In the book, Callie is confused in what she thinks and loves: Michael or Blake?

If I would summarize it, I can say that she loves Blake more than Michael.

I would want Callie and Michael together. So sweet!


Thank you for reading this review. I actually worked hard for this review. If they will make the movie, I hope that they will complete the story and pick the best actors and actresses that also has the best features. I cannot wait for the second book, which will be released on Dec. 4, 2012. The title is ‘Enders’. Hope you guys and gals like it! 🙂

Sign out. This is Jennifer and thank you!


more book reviews coming up, this first week of November:

  • Delirium by Lauren Oliver
  • Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
  • Matched by Allie Condie
  • Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
  • Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

I’ll try to keep it short. Sorry, but I do not have time to do it NOW. Since it’s the last day of our Semestral Break, I have to go back to school on Monday, which is less than one day left to rest from school stuff.

Starfire Squad, the Protectors of the Earth

Hey guys. This is a story I’ve worked on for the past few months. Hope you like it (It isn’t finished, though). It’s basically about a group of teen superheroes in the modern world. I decided to put the whole story with 3 character pov’s alternating with 2 chapters each. So, yeah. Here’s the first chapter of this story. And this comes from the hero, Raven Mustang.



 Running. That’s what I always do best. Running. What I shouldn’t be doing if I didn’t commit another crime. Okay, I’m not really a criminal, that’s what they all think, but I’m really not. I’m not doing all this things just for the sake of being in trouble. I’m doing this because I need to survive to provide my family back in the Appalachian Mountains everything they need for a good life. My parents are already old, and with my twin brother Riley working alone, my family won’t still have enough. That’s the reason why I really came here to New York. To find a good job with a salary that’s enough to feed me and my parents. But then I realized, I should finish college first. So that I could have a quality job. Because I learned that without going to college, you can’t find a good job that pays. I only finished High School, but ‘am one of the smartest gals anyone could ever meet. So, when I went to college here in Yancy University, I was easily accepted as a scholar. But, I still didn’t have enough money to survive here in New York. Because my parents, Rose and Richard, can’t send some for me, because they’re already poor and they needed it more than I did. They tried to give me 20 dollars for my going, but I refused it, especially because my mother is sick, with some kind of flu that deeply hurts my mother. So, without a job and with a need to help myself and especially, my family, I rob from the bank. Continue reading


I feel like you’re purposely avoiding me. Ugh. What did I do wrong now?

Your unpredictability is saddening me, to the very point that I think that I am indeed mistaken and that you never were even friends with me, for you in the first place.

You just don’t know that I do have feelings for you. I guess it shows, through the way my eyes light up when I see you, the way I feel my stomach flutter everytime I’m the reason behind your smile, the way that I still wake up everyday, in the hopes of seeing you.

I hope that you haven’t found out the feelings I have been hiding from you. I fervently wish that you wouldn’t get a hint, because I’m scared that if you knew, everything between us will change. I’m afraid of your reaction. What if you avoid me, like the way you…

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