Welcome to my blog, lost wanderers.

Helloo my lovely readers. Well, let me start of by introducin’ myself. My real name is Anna Michaela. But you could just call me Anna, Mica, Ela, I dunno. But I would rather prefer you all to call me Mica. So…I know you’re wonderin’ why I even bothered to make this blog. Well, I really like sharing things to other people out there with the stuff I love the most in the world. So technically, it’s what you call a personal blog. So next time you stumble into my blog again, please forgive me if there are some posts that you find weird, disturbing, or just plain stupid. Heck, that’s not my problem anymore. Anyways, here in betweentimeandspace you’ll encounter stuff that are mostly about The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Random stuff from 9gag, Some of my personal views on other stuff in the universe and etc. Bye people:-) Visit again or else….Hey, Just kidding.

Peace out! Happy Summer Vacation!


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