The Half-Blood named Percy Jackson.

Hello guys! How’s your summer vacation going? Well, I spend my summer reading some books, unlike those others who spend their time going out of town, to the beach or some other place. But even if I’m just staying at home reading, it is definitely not boring. Because Percy Jackson & the Olympians is LEGEN wait for it … DARY!

I know I’ll reading the books a little too late. Because the first book in the series was published in 2006. It’s too bad that I didn’t get to read it last last last last last year. Because I missed out on a lot of things. Because apparently, the Percy Jackson series is awesome.

I loved the series because when I was little (7 years old or so..) I was fascinated with Greek
Mythology. I memorized the names of the gods, the monsters and the myths and what happened to the world back then when the Olympians and the Titans ruled all over the world. The books are amazing not only because it has history and adventure but because the author, Rick Riordan incorporated the Greek stuff to the present world. The characters in the book are also a
Amazing. Just like Annabeth Chase – daughter of Athena , Grover Underwood – best friend of Percy and a satyr (half human-half goat) ,etc.

Well, that’s all folks. Time in for more posts about Percy Jackson & the Olympians. PEACEOUT!


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