Just finished P.J.O. and it was LEGEN – – – freakin – – – DARY!!!!

Omg! Omg! Ahhhhhh
Just finished The Last Olympian and it was very good for an ending book in a series.

I loved the ending but I was kinda sad cause of all the deaths of some demigods like :

Charles “Charlie” Beckendorf – the head counselor of the Hephaestus Cabin. I really became sad because Beckendorf had a girlfriend back at camp. And it’s too bad he died in the very first chapter of the book. Well, at least he died a hero.

Silena Beareguard – the head counselor of the cabin of Aphrodite. She became one of the best friends of Clarisse. She died when the drakon she was trying to fight it while she pretended to be Clarisse (long story why) spit poison right through her once beautiful face. She was honored as a hero evem though she admitted that she was a spy for Kronos. She did that because made her believe that by being a spy, her boyfriend Charlie would be spared and that, less lives would be joined if she joined their cause.

Luke Castellan – He used to be the head counselor for the Hermes cabin. Well, until he betrayed the camp and joined forces with Kronos and the Titans. He was a very important in the whole series. Because as we all thought yhat Percy was the child in the Great Prophecy, it turned out that Luke, was the real hero that would eventually save Olympus. I never really thought that Luke would save the world in the end, giving the fact that he
betrayed camp and that Kronos was inside of him. Literally. Anyways, Luke died in the end and temporarily defeated Kronos when the spirit of Luke ( still inside Kronos’ body ) stabbed himself in the one place where he knew he was weakest and the spot that kept him mortal. I felt sad for Luke because I realized that he never was evil. He was just brainwashed by Kronos for him to turn his back against the gods. Mostly, I felt really bad gor Luke’s mom who would always continue to wait for a son that would never come home.

Well, on the bright side of the story, a lot of great things happened in the ending like;

Mount Olympus was saved. All thanks to Percy Jackson, and all the other heroes.

Annabeth became the official architect of Mount Olympus. Because of the battle against the Titans, mostly all the buildings, gardens, palaces, terraces and etc., were broken and destroyed by Kronos. So, because Annabeth wants to become an architect, her mother Athena told her that she would help rebuild Olympus until it becomes strong again.

Grover becomes a Lord of the Wild and he became a part of the Council of the Cloven Leaders. Grover attained this part because the Lord Pan himself that Grover should lead and all that. And besides, he was one of the bravest satyrs ever. Here is a proof that his years as a protector prooved himself brave enough:

He found these demigods himself only:

~Thalia Grace. Daughter of Zeus. Became the lieutenant of the Hunters of Artemis.

~Luke Castellan. Son of Hermes. Betrayed the Gods. Served Kronos. Became Kronos. Defeated Kronos. Hero of the Great Prophecy.

~Nico and Bianca di Angelo. Son and daughter of Hades. Bianca became one of the Hunters. Died in The Titan’s Curse. While Nico, he convinced Percy to bathe in the River Styx. He also convinced his father Hades in defending Olympus against the Titans.

~Annabeth Chase. Daughter of Athena. She made Luke remember the promise he told Annabeth and Thalia when they were young and made him go back to his senses and kill Kronos even if it means, killing himself.

~Percy Jackson. Does that need more definition?? :O

So yea, my point is, Grover was a really important and brave satyr because of all the important and brave people that he found. If it hadn’t been for Grover, the world would end. And no stories for us.

Rachel Dare became the next Oracle. Rachel became and was destined to be the Oracle because she can see through the Mist. Not only that but she can see glimpses of the future. The good thing is, she didn’t turn like May Castellan, Luke’s Mother.

Percy and Annabeth ended up together. They kissed 2 times as we know it. And Annabeth was going to a boarding school in New York to be close to Percy. It’s definitely obvious that she loves Percy and vise versa because they both risked their own lives for each other a handful of times. And Annabeth got jealous of Rachel and Percy. While Percy got jealous of Annaabeth having a crush on Luke. Well, at least Rachel became an Oracle and kinda dunped Percy and also that Annabeth confessed to Luke that she didn’t love him. And most of all, Percy denied the gods when they were giving him immortality. He denied them because even if he could work with his father side by side, even if he would live forever, he wanted a life ( even if not immortal ) that he could spend with Annabeth. Awwww <3! But even though I love them together, back when I was still reading Battle of the Labyrinth, I wanted Percy Jackson with Calypso. I didn’t know why I wanted them together but they have this chemistry that only works when they’re meant for each other. And besides, they both liked each other right. But I think the nain reason why Percy refused to stay is because he has feelings for Annabeth that’s stronger than what he feels for Calypso.

Okay guys. I think I’ll wrap it up from here and call it a night. I think that’s enough P.J.O. from now only.

Peace out Lovelies*!


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