Shout OUT to all the special moms out there!

Happy Mother’s day to all of the mothers in the world!

Happy Mother’s Day to even the fictional moms like : Mrs. Everdeen from The Hunger Games; Sally Jackson from The Percy Jackson & the Olympians; Lily Aldrin from How I Met your Mother, Michelle Hutcherson (Josh Hutcherson’s mom) and the Other special moms of the male actors of the Avengers (thank you for the blessings.).

Here’s a shout out to my mom and to all the others out there.

Thanks for being strong, patient when we were still inside your tummy. Thank you for bearing with us especially when we become a little hard-headed, when we sometimes misunderstood you for not thinking about us. We’re sorry for all the times when we caused your headaches, cries, and shouts of anger.

When we were still in your tummy and even after that, you gave up your everyrhing for us, even if we do not notice it sometimes. Because you gave up so many things for us, we will try to repay to you our debts so that you will know that everything you gave up for us, was worth it enough. We love you!


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