Meet Cate Cahill, a normal sixteen year old. Oh yeah, and she’s a witch too.

(c) Jessica SpotwoodJust read : Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance
Setting: Early 1900s
POV: First Person (Cate Cahill)


I wish mother were here. I need her. My sisters need her. Not just to tell us how to keep the magic a secret from Father and the Brothers and the governess and all our neighbors. To reach us how to be witches and ladies and grow up without losing the best and truest part of outselves.

But she isn’t here and I am. It’s up to me to figure out how to remedy our reputations. I’ll call on the Brothers’ wives. Buy more fashionable dresses. Smile and nod and laugh. I’ll do everything in my power to make certain the new governess thinks we’re ordinary, empty-headed girls who don’t pose a threat to anyone.

I didn’t fall to pieces when Mother died. I can’t do it now.

(c) Jessica Spotswood, Putnam Books

How I got the book: It was originally given to me by my friend Misha for my birthday.

Rating: I have to give the book an 8 out of 10. Maybe even 7. Ugh I’m caught in between, I guess.

Comments: It is a good book. It’s basically about three witches, who are in fact witches.

Years after their mother died (a witch, as well), the eldest, Cate Cahill finds out from a letter from her locked up godmother Zara (witch, too) that she and the 2 of her sisters may be the subjects of the last prophecy of the Oracle. The prophecy states that there will be 3 sister witches or whatever, and one of them, someone who is in fact capable of mind magic (at first, Cate was the only one who could do mind magic— Okay, okay I won’t spoil anyone) would be the most powerful witch, and she will be the only one that could bring down the Brotherhood (males who dominate every aspect of life, those who brought down the witches. They also opposed females) and bring the Witches and Women back in authority.

Unfortunately, only two of the sisters shall make it alive till the end of the 20th century, because one sister will kill the other.

I only don’t like this book just because of the plot and the magic or whatever; but because there’s romance. And I never put down a book with good and justified romance. There’s a love triangle. But as always, the poor one wins the girl’s heart.

When I reached the end of the book, I practically grieved and cried in sorrow and despair. Okay, maybe not literally that way, but you get the point. I was heartbroken yet again, not because of an important plot scene, but because of the love aspect of the book. Just like the way that ‘The Hunger Games’ ended. I hated the way it just left off in that manner, but I kind of really liked it as well. Because it leaves you wanting for more. It leaves you waiting and craving for the next book. So yeah, the book was pretty great.

Well, it has been a pretty long time since I’ve encountered a good magic book or whatever, that isn’t about vampires or fallen angels.

I guess I’ll call it a night. Good thing, there aren’t any classes tomorrow. Now, I could FINALLY rest. Good Night Folks! Hope you had a good and ‘productive’ long weekend :*


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