Starfire Squad, the Protectors of the Earth

Hey guys. This is a story I’ve worked on for the past few months. Hope you like it (It isn’t finished, though). It’s basically about a group of teen superheroes in the modern world. I decided to put the whole story with 3 character pov’s alternating with 2 chapters each. So, yeah. Here’s the first chapter of this story. And this comes from the hero, Raven Mustang.



 Running. That’s what I always do best. Running. What I shouldn’t be doing if I didn’t commit another crime. Okay, I’m not really a criminal, that’s what they all think, but I’m really not. I’m not doing all this things just for the sake of being in trouble. I’m doing this because I need to survive to provide my family back in the Appalachian Mountains everything they need for a good life. My parents are already old, and with my twin brother Riley working alone, my family won’t still have enough. That’s the reason why I really came here to New York. To find a good job with a salary that’s enough to feed me and my parents. But then I realized, I should finish college first. So that I could have a quality job. Because I learned that without going to college, you can’t find a good job that pays. I only finished High School, but ‘am one of the smartest gals anyone could ever meet. So, when I went to college here in Yancy University, I was easily accepted as a scholar. But, I still didn’t have enough money to survive here in New York. Because my parents, Rose and Richard, can’t send some for me, because they’re already poor and they needed it more than I did. They tried to give me 20 dollars for my going, but I refused it, especially because my mother is sick, with some kind of flu that deeply hurts my mother. So, without a job and with a need to help myself and especially, my family, I rob from the bank.

OKAY,OKAY. SHHHHH! I know what you’re thinking. It’s wrong. It’s evil. It’s the wrong way to earn money, blah blah blah. Okay. I know it’s really, really wrong to do stuff like that, but If I didn’t do it, the last 10 months or so, I wouldn’t have anything to send to my sick mother and my poor dad. I wouldn’t want to disappoint them and come home with empty hands and fill their eyes and minds with hopelessness and despair. I really want to make them happy, and that’s all the reason for me to rob things. But, obviously, the Judge and the police officers wouldn’t accept that as a reason to steal. And, I’m really doing my best all the time, not to get caught in the act. For already 10 months, I’ve been doing this almost everyday. So, it’s kind of a piece of cake for me already. But there are also some times when I don’t need to steal money. Some of my friends at Yancy help me. Like Katie Gardner, Sharon ( I FORGOT HER LAST NAME ), and Logan Royce.

Oh Logan. Well, Logan…For the last year in Yancy, Logan has been more of a boyfriend, than a normal best friend. Well, Logan has been my best friend, ever since when we were in First Grade in Appalachia. When we were going to be in High School already, Logan already set out for New York to become a doctor. He wanted to get a degree in college to help people. So he went away, and I stayed. I really missed him. All those years when I was alone. Logan was my only best friend at home. Because I was always bullied and teased by people and they always called me names, because of my high grades at school.

“Hey, here comes Nerd Girl. Hahaha! What a doofus and a dork. Loser!!!” said Nancy Oliver, the most popular and most beautiful girl in school that most of the guys want as their prom date or girlfriend. Mostly all of the people would be on her side, even our teachers who would always be intimidated and call my parents, if I correct them nicely, if they give wrong information. But, Logan, he was different from all the people there. He was the only guy there that would be my only friend. We were actually very alike. Because he was also teased by people also because of his high grades. He is one of the sweetest guys that I knew. Like I said, even if he was bullied too, he always stood up those people. That’s why I kind of fell in love with him when we were kids. Especially now. Logan, growing up as a kid, he was smart but when it comes to looks, no girl would bother to date him, even if he was the last boy on earth, as the popular girls would say. He was tall when were kids, but he had big braces, buck teeth, big glasses but he had the most amazing blue eyes anyone could stare for hours. So now, when we grew up here in Yancy, He changed. He was tall, he had no more braces attached to his bright white teeth, he also had messy but hansome brown hair, and as always, he still had those sea blue eyes that remained beautiful. I love him, nerd boy or hot doctor boy, no matter what, but I could never get myself to admit to him that I steal.

HEY GUYS! If you are wonderin’ or something, this is a story temporarily titled, “Starfire Squad”

This isn’t even a complete Raven part. I would finish it later. HIATUS :((


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