Donors and Renters

Starters by Lissa Price, A Review

Lissa Price's debut novel

Hi! I am Jennifer, the friend of the owner and creator of this blog. I am happy to be here and to have the opportunity to share what I have thought about it.

This is a review about STARTERS. I encourage you to read this dystopian, action- packed filled novel that will make you feel thrilled. So, let us begin!


What if your body was rented? What if there was a malfunction in the neurochip that was placed in your brain , for you to switch with rich old people that want your body? What if there were more secrets behind… everything you thought was right ? These ‘what if’ questions will make you want to read the book Starters.

It’s all about a Starter, which is 19 years old  and below, Callie Woodland. A girl who lost her parents in the Spore Wars. A girl who lost everything. A girl who sacrificed everything for her sickly brother. by going to the body bank, to earn money for Tyler’s medicine and a new home with Tyler and Michael, the friend of Callie she met after the Spore Wars. She went to the Prime Destinations, wherein the body bank, a machine which changes the Enders( 60 y/o above) to Starters by putting neurochips to their brains, is placed and it is owned and handled by the Old Man. Her donor, Helena Winterhill, an Ender. But there were more secrets that Callie have ever imagined behind the Prime Destinations.



So let me start the past, before Prime was built and made, the time when everything is better than okay… but to worse. “Why was there a war called Spore Wars? Why didn’t they vaccinated everyone before the war? Why didn’t they vaccinated the people between the ages of 20- 60?”, these were the questions that kept bothering my mind while reading the book. Lissa Price only mentioned a few things about the Spore Wars.

One more question:

‘Is the Old Man Callie’s dad?… because he had  disappeared before the war and the Old Man wears a mask all the time.”


I was so touched by Sara’s sacrifice for Callie by distracting the guards so they couldn’t see Callie escaping the  the institution, wherein the people who committed crimes are imprisoned there. Even though she was mad  at Callie for punching her, she still makes a sacrifice. She even forgave Callie.

I was shocked when Helena was killed and had died. I knew this part of the story even before I read the books, thanks to my friend. I wish that Senator Harisson would have died because he was fake: GIVING SPEECHES AND BEING ‘HONEST’. I would see those characteristics from our government. Sen. Harisson is one big liar.

Just one question:  ” Why did made the Prime Destinations be accepted in the use of the government?”


The Prime Destinations is an illegal place, wherein the Enders switch bodies with the Starters to be young again. This use was just for enjoyment to the Enders.

The time when Callie was looking for Tyler  in a room, she was so mad at the Enders saying that the Enders are selfish: for not vaccinating the people between the ages of 20- 60 and using bodies of the Starters. 

Well, she is right.


Is it hard for me to pick one guy? Well, YES! 

This book would make you wonder why it is so hard. Would you want a blond- haired guy that will make you mesmerized by his talent or a rich guy with brown hair and has dimples that has the ‘bad guy’ attitude? 

In the book, Callie is confused in what she thinks and loves: Michael or Blake?

If I would summarize it, I can say that she loves Blake more than Michael.

I would want Callie and Michael together. So sweet!


Thank you for reading this review. I actually worked hard for this review. If they will make the movie, I hope that they will complete the story and pick the best actors and actresses that also has the best features. I cannot wait for the second book, which will be released on Dec. 4, 2012. The title is ‘Enders’. Hope you guys and gals like it! 🙂

Sign out. This is Jennifer and thank you!


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