Thoughts on Pandemonium

I loved the book. Can’t wait for the third installment in this trilogy. 

Actually in truth, before I even read it, I didn’t want to read it anymore, because I really believed that Alex was dead. Then, thanks to the internet and spoiler friends, I learned that Lena would fall in love with someone who ISN’T ALEX. 

But because I really wanted to know what happens to Lena’s life after Alex, I still read it, though I know that Alex won’t be there anymore.

1.First of all, I was a little confused with the ‘then’ and ‘now’. I think it would be just less confusing if it was ordered like Delirium, by chapters. 

2.Secondly, a lot of dead people. Huhu. 
I didn’t know the purpose of Miyako’s death in the plot, though. 

3.I was sad during the end, when Lena found out that the woman who kept saying her name, the one that took her to the invalids’ warehouse,the one who didn’t want to take her mask off, was actually her mom.

Like, she was already that close to her mom, and she never found out that it was really her, just when her mom’s already left.

4. THE PLAN OF RAVEN AND TACK (I WON’T SAY IT, SINCE IT’S A MAJOR SPOILER) CONFUSES ME. Can anyone who have read that part, and understood it, explain it to me? :((

I don’t understand why they have to do that. When I read that part, and I found out that raven and tack did those horrible things, I felt so mad. Traitors.

5. Raven and Tack… Are they together? I think that would be cute since they always fight then they’ll fall in love with each other. Just like Benedick and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing.

6. Lauren Oliver likes putting a lot of METAPHORS into Lena’s thoughts. It’s too much but its wonderful a the same time. 

7. Where is Julian Fineman’s mom?

8. Did Hana get cured? Or did she fled and changed her mind at the last minute? Cause it’s kinda depressing if she does get cured.

9. One of the major questions in my mind right now:

WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT IN THEIR SOCIETY WANT TO RID THE COUNTRY OF LOVE? Asides from the wars and whatever. Are they doing it for money or what? Is the cure (for ridding us of hate, and whatever bad action love instigates us to do) false propaganda? And last but not the least, is the cure more than ridding us of love, and it’s actually installed in the brain to control all of the minds of the people?

10. I have a confession to make.

I think I love Julian Fineman, too. Since he looks like a rich Peeta Mellark (I love him. Seriously). 

I guess Lena and Julian are compatible with each other, since they learned how to love in their own ways even if they weren’t born in the Wilds, like Alex. 

I sense that Lena and Julian would end up together, in the third book. In my opinion, the reason why Oliver made Lena meet and love Alex, in the first place, so that she would fall in love.


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