About the Blogger.

Hey guys! Now that you have landed in this page, I need to tell you what this blog betweentimeandspace is all about and the person behind it all.

betweentimeandspace is kinda my personal blog. Because it containd posts that are about my favorite books, movies, foood, some stores that I really like, hot new songs, my celeb crushes, bah! the list goes on.

And there may also be times when I voice out some of my opinons and other personal stuff.

I guess you won’t be bored here because every week, I’ll still continue with my original blog posts but it would have a theme like Pancakes Appreciation week or One Direction week, gets?

I could also promote websites, blogs, and other things. So just request or comment.

Okay, so now about the blogger behind all of this.

My name is Anna Michaela. But you could also call me Mica because mostly all people call me that.

I’m a girl. Duh. I’m asian. But I’m not Chinese or Japanese. I’m pursuing to have a career as an artist. I love Percy Jackson, Peeta Mellark and bacon (sorry pigs) .

I can’t say I’m a fashion freak, but I also design clothes (casual clothes like the ones from Forever 21) .

I also have a Tumblr account. Bit it’s all Hunger Games. click this for my tumblr

So I guess that’s all that I could share. Oh and Josh Hutcherson is my husband. Kay? kay.


Stinson out!


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