Back from the dead. I am now a reincarnated soul, ready to blog

Hello readers. Hmm, I doubt I even have ONE.

Anyways, been a long time since I’ve posted anything interesting here for a long time. Been busy with school work, I guess. Please bear with me, if you find my blog uninteresting. The reason for the lack of posts here on my blog, is my homeworks (hmm, haven’t i established that already..). I’m really, really sorry. 

But don’t you worry, because soon enough I’ll post about…stuff. I’ll edit the whole thing too. The appearance, navigation, and other posts or whatever. I’ll try to make sure that no one gets bored here. 

I’ve also been editing and fixing my personal tumblr, so yeah. I’m not yet even done with the others as well. Wish me luck! 🙂


Barney Stinson is going to be a married man, I think.

While browsing some blogs and posts here on the Internet, I found out that in the season finale in season 7. I know that it’s kinda late for me to be fussing all about this, but I haven’t watched the finale of Season 7. I was so excited. Because even though I kinda spoiled myself big time, It’ s just glad to know that Barney and Robin ended up together( ? ) I’m not yet sure about that, but ever since Barney confessed his love for Robin in the earlier seasons, I wanted them together. Hope they stay together forever. Well, unless Barney stops being umm… Barney?

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Just bought The Heroes of Olympus : The Lost Hero. I was just addicted to Percy Jackson & the Olympians that I just had to know what happened to Percy and Camp Half-Blood after the ‘Titan War’.

The Heroes of Olympus is like a continuation of its preceding series but; it is written in a different point of view. Unlike in P.J.O ; Percy himself narrates the story to the readers. While in The Lost Hero, it is written in a different  point of view but you could see what the characters feel and think about . Also in this book, There are  different main characters. Not Percy and Annabeth and Grover. ( don’t worry, they’re still very important characters to the books in this series. Anyway, the new trio in this story is Jason, Piper McClean, and Leo Valdez.

I just started reading it so this is what I know about the book so far (S P O I L E R S)

Jason is a son of Zeus.

Piper thinks Jason is her boyfriend.

Leo has been claimed a son of Hephaestus.

Percy is missing. (nooooooo…)

Jason is kinda related to the Roman gods.

Chiron thinks that Jason should be dead.

Hera has been captured.

The second ‘Great Prophecy’ has started.

Rick Riordan is awesome.

Anyways, that’s as far as I know about the book. So all those Percy Jackson fanboys and girls out there, you should read it. And you would not be dissapointed.

Peace out kiddos! I wish Luke didn’t die at all.

Shout OUT to all the special moms out there!

Happy Mother’s day to all of the mothers in the world!

Happy Mother’s Day to even the fictional moms like : Mrs. Everdeen from The Hunger Games; Sally Jackson from The Percy Jackson & the Olympians; Lily Aldrin from How I Met your Mother, Michelle Hutcherson (Josh Hutcherson’s mom) and the Other special moms of the male actors of the Avengers (thank you for the blessings.).

Here’s a shout out to my mom and to all the others out there.

Thanks for being strong, patient when we were still inside your tummy. Thank you for bearing with us especially when we become a little hard-headed, when we sometimes misunderstood you for not thinking about us. We’re sorry for all the times when we caused your headaches, cries, and shouts of anger.

When we were still in your tummy and even after that, you gave up your everyrhing for us, even if we do not notice it sometimes. Because you gave up so many things for us, we will try to repay to you our debts so that you will know that everything you gave up for us, was worth it enough. We love you!

What is The Hunger Games?

As you all know, a movie specifically named The Hunger Games, was just released last March 23, 2012. And everyone thinks it’s amazing and all that but, the book were the movie was based from was a lot more better. I’m not saying that I didn’t like the movie (i loved it and i waited at least a year for it, so yea) but in my opinion the book is the real deal. Because in the book, it is written in First Person point of view. And it’s more complete when it comes to details. Either way, the book and the movie were awesome.

Okay, for the readers out there who doesn’t know what The Hunger Games is, Its a post-apocalyptic story about a poor, sixteen year old girl named Katniss Everdeen. She lives in District 12, the poorest part of their country Panem that now stands in the ruins of North America. Every year, the Capitol (the center of their government) holds The Hunger Games.

In the Hunger Games, one boy and one girl from each district, ages 12-18 (called tributes) are forced to fight to death in an outdoor arena, until one stands in the end and is declared a victor.

Unfortunately for Katniss, the name of her beloved sister Primrose Everdeen was reaped. Therefore Katniss volunteered in the place of her sister because she wanted Prim to be saved.

So yeah. That was a little description of the story. If you want to find out more about it, read the series or watch the movie if it is still showing on cinemas.


Peace out!